Saturday, 18 March 2017

Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions ( liquid makeup )

Hello beauty ! 

This time we talk about product always present in my beauty bag - Clinique foundation  ( Anti-Blemish Solutions ) .It is a liquid foundation, specially designed for oily skin with imperfections.

I discovered this foundation, two years ago, when I was in a desperate search of the perfect foundation ,because before I used another brand and it was not according to my problematic skin. 

After reading many reviews, I bought it hoping that I do not disappoint .Starting from this day and until today I have not split from this foundation. 

The complexion is more evenly ,the redness is neutralized , and over time the skin started to look better. 

One minus would have ,don't keep it under control sebum without an applied powder over . 

I have shade ' o1 Fresh alabaster ' the lighter shade of those existing .

I hope you enjoyed today's post ! 

Stay flawless ! Kisses 💕 

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